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  • Lisa Arshawsky

Today I rise

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Adding my own for the voices that can't or have yet to. The voices that are dismissed and lost in this political battle of now. Today I rise -no longer needing the cloak of past shame - the humiliating encounters. The entitled catcalls and whistles. Those who scared me. Who forced themselves across the boundaries I didn't know I had. Who looked at me as anything less than I ever was. Today I rise up to my fierce warrior woman mother wife midwife lover friend sister. I rise up to greet the room that is vast and expansive. I rise up to the wise heart and the gut that leads heart to clarity. Today I rise leaving the paradigms of scarcity and the lack of, the NO's, the limiting beliefs, the unmet desires, the less than's, and the bad girl. I let go of those because they aren't even real anymore. Not for me. Today I rise in this desert as a fierce protector for all the women who can't. Today I will not be silenced or coerced. I will not be led or mistreated. I will allow the great mother to roar through me and not stand in the shadows. This is my voice and it will not be silenced. This is my life that I claim for my daughter and her daughter. This is the new realm my shiva son will grow up in to know that women are to be treated as GODdess. This cycle is now done so that #metoo becomes #nomore

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