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  • Lisa Arshawsky

Nutritional Cleanses

The human body is not designed to be fragile and has unique buffering systems in place to compensate for many of the challenges we place before it. These buffering systems are no match however for the ongoing patterns of eating we have adopted in the Western World. We eat what we want, when we want it and live under constant environmental, social and dietary stress. Judging from the soaring rates of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer in those younger and younger, it seems that we have lost the ability to compensate effectively.  It is no wonder that we drag ourselves out of bed in the morning, reaching for coffee, white flour, sugar and dairy to start the day and then wonder why we we are not feeling well physically, emotionally or spiritually. It is all related.

Its not Just a Nutritional Cleanse

It is my deeply held belief that true health and wellness is experienced through a multifaceted approach and not solely about physical nutrition. Beyond what we feed our bodies, one’s mental health and spiritual practice can also guide us towards genuine peace. It is so common in our culture to get locked into habitual patterns with poor diet, over-stimulation, lack of exercise, overuse of medications and lack of a spiritual practice. We live in a culture that does not support aging in a holistic fashion and instead of relying on your mind/ body’s incredible ability to heal, we reach for these poor tools day after day. Suddenly you wake up and realize you haven’t really felt any vibrancy or expansion in years. Perhaps you feel that this is what aging feels like. Aging is a state of mind and results from the way you care for yourself. It is your absolute birth right to feel alive, vibrant, young, clear and absolutely capable of manifesting your every dream. Cleansing can be an amazing tool to jump start this path for you. This is why I recommend taking a 40 day sabbatical from the habitual patterns that have kept you locked in to poor health. It is your opportunity to journey inside in order to recalibrate at the cellular level. True health and wellbeing is your absolute birthright.

Cleansing for the Physical Body

Cleansing can be a nurturing gift for your body to get you on a path of healing and towards a level of health your body is so capable of giving you. Each of one our cells that make up each of our body’s tissue, fascia, organs and bones are continually dying off and renewing themselves. When we continually place nutritional stress on this system however, we all pay the price eventually in small and more profound ways. By consuming highly nutritious, oxygen-rich foods that are full of enzymes and hydration, your body will have the opportunity to detox and heal. Don’t take my word for it however, try it for yourself and experience the amazing benefits of a cleanse.

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