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  • Lisa Arshawsky

Birth Life Death Transformation

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Sitting on my mat in yoga class the other day, I heard the teacher ask if there was anyone new to yoga. Ordinarily, I would have looked around the room perhaps to acknowledge those that were taking to the mat for the first time. But on this particular morning, my inner life answers the question with an emphatic: YES!  I am new to yoga. I am new to this day. We are all new in every moment and everything in and around us is set to the mechanism of SA TA NA MA which translates to Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth.

Everything in the natural world relies on the cycles of SA TA NA MA. Physiologically speaking,  each one of our cells at various rates and cycles are constantly dancing through the rhythms of SA TA NA MA. In each moment, we have up to 75 trillion cells, each with their own life span in this constant movement of life, death and renewal. It is thought that there is a 7 year cycle for all of our cells to renew which means we are constantly moving towards this opportunity from the cellular level up. In every breath we take, we have the opportunity to either grow into the potential of a new body or recreate ourselves based on our past stories which we can lock physically into our bodies and emotionally into our personalities. Do I wake up each morning conscious of this amazing opportunity to breath into my fullest potential? Or do I replay who I was yesterday, last year, or 10 years ago?

How do we start to take control of this dynamic state of living into our fullest potential? How do we step into the center of ourselves and let the divine and natural order or SA TA NA MA be our guide? Well, our cells receive their orders from the Nervous System, ie, our Brains which are made of the conscious, sub and unconscious mind. A dynamic system of biochemical shifts that are in constant motion may seem like an impossible system to be in command of, especially when we are not even aware of most of our brain patterns.

Your Karma is not in charge unless you let it be: Owing to the fact that we are given self-will, we have the potential in every moment to either re-create who we just were, or to move into who we have the potential to be. AND JUST HOW DO WE DO THAT?  There is no need for hopelessness here. Its a matter of connecting to the divine energy that makes up each one of us. Quantum Science is now showing us that as you go deeper into the atom, there is no matter but only an invisible forcefield of electrical energy. We are all made up of these atoms that are continuously giving off and absorbing light and energy. Its what the chinese have called chi. Socrates “said that energy, or soul is separate from matter, and that the universe is made of energy – pure energy which was there before man and other material things” (

The beautiful news is that this energy that is us in each atom, can be shifted just with one conscious breath and your conscious choice to trust and move into the higher frequency of SA TA NA MA.  This breath can be utilized more effectively and powerfully if we engage it through systems or activities such as yoga, chanting, meditation, music, dance, or even sex. When we can use these tools to effectively shift the energy, it has the potential to travel up through our body to activate the higher brain centers where these higher frequencies can be engaged. When we pick up these time honored tool of even a conscious breath, we are in the mastery of moving to the center of ourselves.  The mechanism of divine growth and potential exists in every inhalation and exhalation and it is in these moments that I can honestly say I am moving towards my fullest potential. I am trusting in the natural order of SA TA NA MA.

At this point I here the call to move into downward dog. My attention returns to the mat first, then to my breath and the potential of that moment leading me onwards.

Sat Nam,


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