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  • Lisa Arshawsky

Birth is about the journey

So much of our lives is about the achievement or ultimate goal we have in mind. Our dogmatic focus on that future ideal takes us from the moment of the journey. Labor and birth is all about these moments. Yes, you may have an idea about how you want to birth your baby or what type of labor you want to experience but we can't control that outcome. I always tell my clients the beauty is in the trying. Every time you attend a birth prep course or prenatal yoga class, read a book about labor or sit down to visualize the birth you are already become a parent to your little one. It is in these moments that help expecting parents to frame their experience of labor. The path of diving in through acceptance allows one this state of"un-attachment"to the outcome. But its all in the process of diving in. Whether you have an unmedicated vaginal birth or a surgical one - the fact that you put your all into the process is really what counts. Letting go of your control over the outcome and what you wanted the birth to look like becomes more of an attainable state. I believe most women are eligible to have a vaginal birth and that this course is usually the healthiest option for mom and baby. But it may not always happen. The journey to motherhood begins the moment you connect to it. Its in the trying. Many blessings for your journey!

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